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And take control of your dreams... by joining our startup program in September. Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute info session. We'll review your needs and help you start working on your future.

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We are a program designed and built by students, for students.

Our sister learning company New Designers provided the foundation for NextEd. We are powered by THUAS and we provide expert guidance in creating your own startup. We offer the possibility to intern or graduate with your own startup project. You will be provided a working space for 20 weeks with free coaching, no catch!

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Does this sound like you?

You want to start a business, but all of your energy is wasted on other activities

You have so many ideas or lack focus and you don't know where to start

You tried starting by yourself, but it's overwhelming doing it alone

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Would you rather feel this?

You have a clear business idea that's defined and tested with customers

You have developed strong business mindset and learned how to organize your work

You have a powerful, exciting pitch to investors and customers who are waiting for your product

“NextEd was a launchpad where my entrepreneurial spirit met the iteration needed to ready my product for consumers.”

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Phil Wornath Dentsu Creative

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About us

We are NextEd, the first student-run incubator in the Netherlands. We are the launchpad for your dreams. Powered by THUAS and hosted by the learning company New Designers we are trying to get people to graduate or intern at their own startup. We support and sponsor your entrepreneurial journey.

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How we help

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Startup Clock program

When you apply we will schedule a meeting with you to talk about your mindset and personal goals. Based on this we will select the first batch of students that starts after the summer holidays 2024 in September.

Our 20-week program starts on 1st of September, with admissions starting on 1st of May and ending 10 July.

Our focus

We are experienced in designing and developing (ed)tech solutions and like it when your startup idea connects with one of the research themes of THUAS:

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Frequently asked questions

Ready to get started?

Schedule a free 15-minute session with Tim. We'll review your needs and help you create a plan!

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Tim van den Bosch